A good kiss can make all your nerve endings tingle or may open the door to lasting love. We often use a kiss to gauge the potential for a bed mate, or a life mate.


 What’s in a Kiss?
It’s a way of testing the waters, sampling the goods — before you commit.

It all starts with a kiss. Whether long and sensual or short and sweet, a kiss is the ultimate form of sensual expression.  If done right, a kiss can light the flames of passion; if done wrong, it can bring a delicious infatuation to a less-than-rousing end. A kiss is the doorway to what comes next.

Many women will tell you that a kiss is the ultimate deal-breaker. A good kiss is both a matter of personal style and what feels right for the moment. But what is it about a smooch that can send you to the stars or smack you right back down to earth?
A kiss puts you in close proximity with a partner’s skin and scent. Skin is the delivery site for pheromones — the undetectable chemicals of attraction that work through our sense of smell. The kiss delivers us to the most primal parts of our minds, which may be why there is so much potential for satisfaction and disappointment.

For many, kissing is one of few sexual acts they’ve engaged in with a wide range of people. Again, since a kiss can make or break an attraction, it is often the case that we end up kissing far more people than we bed. It’s the supreme technique of sampling the goods with little emotional or physical investment.
So just how much experience are most of us getting? A nationwide survey conducted by Close-Up toothpaste got up close and personal with 2,200 men and women to shed some light on our modern kissing habits. It seems that men and women are definitely getting their practice in: The average woman kisses 17.5 men before she settles down and the average man kisses 24 prospects before he locks lips forever. Women report their first kiss at age 14, while men get a bit of a slower start between the ages of 16 and 18.

Speaking of close-up, the French kiss is listed as most men and women’s favorite; however, don’t thank the French for introducing it to us. The term actually entered the English language in 1923, in honor of the très   passionate country. I suspect the French kiss was around long before anything — or anyone — French.

The study also considered geographic differences in kissing trends. Evidently the best place to live if you are an active kisser is in the Northwest, where people exchange more kisses per day (5.5) than anywhere else in the country.  The Northeasterners are the most confident in their kissing abilities.  Wondering about the Midwest?  It seems they’re the most honest in relationships.  They’re more likely than any other region to confess to a partner after making out with someone else — not to mention that they’re late bloomers. Compared to the rest of the nation, the first kiss of a Midwesterner comes somewhere between 16 and 18 years old, about five years later than the smoochers in Hawaii.  So if you want a good kiss-filled vacation, you know where to go — but don’t forget to brush your teeth!

A Kiss Can Be Bliss…………


Sound has power in and out of the bedroom, and it’s a crucial part of your communication with your partner.



Whether you are whispering sweet nothings or shouting your love from a mountaintop, there’s no denying theaudible impact on feelings of attraction. Yet even before we hear the content of what someone has to say, our auditory processing draws on biological clues and patterns to determine our attraction reaction. In fact, several studies have shown that the qualities of our voices transmit important details about attraction, health, and fertility to potential partners.

How Low Can He Go

According to research, men with deeper voices are more appealing to women. Studies have shown that with all other physical characteristics being equal, men with deeper voices were rated as more attractive. Perhaps it’s the association with testosterone, which makes the voice more masculine at puberty.

For women, it also turns out their voices are rated as more attractive when they’re most fertile. In some studies, women’s voices were rated as most attractive during ovulation and least attractive during menstruation. For women, voice pitch depends a lot on estrogen, which is the female hormone produced by the ovaries. So, high levels of estrogen result in higher-pitched voices.

And what about accents, speed, and inflection? Studies show that we judge fast talkers as more educated and those with varied inflection as more interesting. Pitch correlates only loosely with height but, as we said above, is closely tied to hormone levels — meaning it’s a good indicator of fertility or dominance, as well as health and attractiveness.

Now That You’ve Found Your “Sound Mate”

Beyond all the science, it’s crucial to close your eyes and listen to your partner. How does his voice make you feel? Words are like invisible hands that arouse the body in unexpected ways. Men especially love to hear the sounds of an enthusiastic partner. And stretching yourself to be more verbal in bed can boost your own arousal. You’re talking yourself toward new heights of sexual satisfaction.

It’s not simply about talking dirty. It’s about finding your comfort zone and expressing what you are feeling and craving. Sex is often off-limits for discussion, which makes it even more provocative once you get comfortable doing it. If you are feeling shy, start out by doing it over the phone or in a moment when you know it can’t go any further, such as when you’re rushing out the door for work in the morning.

Then move on to saying it while in bed. If you start judging yourself or feeling silly, mentally push yourself into the moment. What do you want him to do to you right now? Think about the sensations you are feeling in your body. Then tell him! Moan and coo when he does something you enjoy; exclaim when you are feeling pleasure. Pay attention to each other’s breathing and its power to communicate. Chances are he will be inspired by your example.

Make it a point to tune in: Sound is a sensory delight. So turn up the volume for great sex and a great relationship!


Source: Dr. Laura Berman

Sound Impacts Our Love Lives

Abraham Hicks Quote…..

I am a huge Abraham Hicks and Law of Attraction fan and believe in his wise words.  I’m a very spiritual person and want to share with you his wisdom.

“If your desire is strong enough, it doesn’t matter what your beliefs are. If you have a desire that is strong enough, that desire will be the dominant vibration, and it will over-ride any other vibration that you have.”

— Abraham