The Health Connection-Knowing Your True Self

The Health Connection on BlogTalkRadio

The Health Connection on BlogTalkRadio

There was a funny blunder in this episode. Then within seconds of my show finishing here in California we had an earthquake. My computer desk was swaying, lights were moving, my daughters bed was moving. Maybe I just had a very strong blogtalkradio show that shook the earth? Lol I hope you enjoy the show.

Here is the information from Janette from tonight’s show:

Here is the information from Janette Dalgliesh per last night’s radio show:

Kim Falconer – my favorite LOA-astrologer by a long shot – has her blog at (and yes, she’s also a successful SF author who writes fabulous books rich in LOA!). For anyone seeking a reading with Kim, the info is at

Eve Gregory – does work around connecting with inner guidance –

For numerology I’d recommend a reading with Janette!

Live BlogTalkRadio Show today-Law of Attraction in Action

Today at 3:30 PST I will be doing a live BlogTalkRadio Show talking about Law of Attraction in Action and what is the connection to our overall health.

You are able to call in and listen to the show live, ask questions or just click on the link and listen through your computer.


I hope you’re able to join us.