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The Health Connection on BlogTalkRadio

The Health Connection on BlogTalkRadio

There was a funny blunder in this episode. Then within seconds of my show finishing here in California we had an earthquake. My computer desk was swaying, lights were moving, my daughters bed was moving. Maybe I just had a very strong blogtalkradio show that shook the earth? Lol I hope you enjoy the show.

Here is the information from Janette from tonight’s show:

Here is the information from Janette Dalgliesh per last night’s radio show:

Kim Falconer – my favorite LOA-astrologer by a long shot – has her blog at (and yes, she’s also a successful SF author who writes fabulous books rich in LOA!). For anyone seeking a reading with Kim, the info is at

Eve Gregory – does work around connecting with inner guidance –

For numerology I’d recommend a reading with Janette!

Numerology & Personal Year Cycles

Glynis McCants is a celebrity numerologist and she returns to “The Talk” to discuss Personal Year Cycles. These numbers reveal a great deal about what a person is going through or will go though in 2013 and are derived using birth dates. Glynis has been studying numerology for over 21 years and is the author of the books “Love by the Numbers” and “Glynis Has Your Number.”

What is a Personal Year Cycle?

When it comes to Personal Year Cycles there are nine of them, and each year we shift into a new one. Depending on what Personal Year Cycle you have entered, you can get some insight on what to focus on throughout the year to be more successful. To find your own cycle, you have to add your month and day you were born with the current World number (2013) and then reduce those numbers to a single digit.

For example, Beyonce was born on September 4th. Here’s the breakdown:


9+4+2+0+1+3 = 19



Beyonce is in a 1 Personal Year Cycle.

Personal Year Cycle 1: Take control of your life.

If you are in a Personal Year Cycle 1 like Beyonce, it is all about taking control of your life. You really can’t beat her as the example. She started this year performing at the Presidential Inauguration. She then was picked to perform the halftime show for the Super Bowl, and also performed at this year’s Grammys. The spotlight has been on her all year, and that is exactly what someone in this cycle desires. The Cycle of 1 is a time to ask yourself “What steps can I take to be #1 in my life?” And Beyonce is clearly living it!!

Personal Year Cycle 2: Deal with deep emotions.

The Personal Year Cycle of 2 is about your deep emotions and love relationships. Look at Kate Hudson – She’s ready to get married to the father of her child. Love has a huge influence in this cycle, and she’s glowing because of it. Doesn’t she look better than ever? This is a year to welcome a loving relationship or work on improving the one you have. If you are thinking of getting married, this is a great year to do so. You also need to really trust your intuition because it is particularly strong in this cycle of 2 and will not fail you! It is a year to get in touch with your deepest emotions.

Personal Year Cycle 3: Communicate and express yourself.

The Personal Year Cycle of 3 is all about communicating and expressing yourself. You’re going to speak up a lot more than usual, even if you are typically a shy person. Madonna is currently in the Personal Year Cycle of 3, and as we know she is always outspoken, but particularly so this year regarding gay marriage.

Personal Year Cycle 4: Expand mind with new information.

The Personal Year Cycle of 4 is all about learning something new and expanding your knowledge! You are at a place where you want to have a deeper understanding. One way or another you will learn in this cycle. It’s best to just embrace the need for it, or else you risk learning the hard way. Julie Chen is in this cycle and you can bet she is also looking to learn something new! A woman like Julie embraces the education that comes her way. One more thing: This personal cycle encourages you to be very honest. Watch out for being too blunt and getting into a verbal conflict that you really do not want to be in.

Personal Year Cycle 5: Embrace freedom.

The Personal Year Cycle of 5 is about embracing freedom. It’s not a good time to make a big commitment, but it can be a great time for a trip or some other kind of fun adventure. Do what you can to prevent any unnecessary drama in your life! Simon Cowell is in this cycle and look at his life recently; He has plenty of drama with his show “The X Factor,” and has been constantly recasting it. As you know, Simon also broke up not too long ago with girlfriend Carmen Electra.

The cycle of 5 can make you feel like your life is too chaotic. Take a deep breath; you are going to be okay. Just pay close attention to all the details. Don’t leave anything to chance! This is not a year to start a new relationship, quit a job, or move away. You should take a trip if you can, and be sure to do things for yourself that make you feel pampered during this nonstop cycle.

Personal Year Cycle 6: Celebrate new opportunities.

The Personal year of 6 is a time to focus on family and embrace new opportunities. Contracts may definitely come your way in the Cycle of 6 so be sure to read the fine print and know exactly what you’re signing. Aisha Tyler is in a Personal Year of 6. As far as contracts go, I think it’s pretty exciting Aisha got a guest role on “Hawaii 5-0” and a hosting job on the new “Whose Line is It Anyway?” How perfect for that to happen in her Personal Year of 6! In this cycle, you should also take a look at your surroundings. Is there a way you could improve your home? It could be as simple as putting a fresh coat of paint on your walls, or buying fresh flowers to put on your coffee table. These little touches make a big difference in the cycle of 6. If you are considering getting pregnant, this cycle is a GREAT time for that too!

Personal Year Cycle 7: Seek true meaning of life.

The Personal Year Cycle of 7 is a time to seek the true meaning of your life. If you are normally very social, don’t be surprised you are not feeling that way this year. The 7 cycle encourages you to seek truth and meaning in your life. This is also a time to work on your spirituality. Sharon Osbourne is in this cycle right now. Here you can find the answers to who you really are, and what matters to you most. It is also a time to commune with nature. The ocean, mountains, plants and flowers will hold a deeper meaning for you during this time. Like the 2 cycle, be sure to trust your intuition. The most powerful answers will come from within.

Personal Year Cycle 8: Focus on health and finance.

The Personal Year Cycle of 8 is all about improving your physical health and finances. Sheryl Underwood is in this cycle. I hear she is working on her fitness goals this year which is PERFECT at this time. A word of caution – if you have any aches or pains, don’t ignore them in this cycle. For example: lower back pain. If your back hurts, go see a chiropractor. Don’t wait for your back to go completely out. This is a year that is all about improving your relationship with money too. Whether you learn how to invest, start your own company, or move up the ladder at the job you are already have, it will be a year focused on increasing your abundance. Taking advice is difficult to do during this 8 Personal Year Cycle, so try to be more open to what people have to say. You will benefit from it. I promise!

Personal Year Cycle 9: Prepare for new beginnings.

The Personal Year Cycle of 9 is a time to clear your space for NEW BEGINNINGS. Throw out anything that you do not use or need. Everything you have worked hard for in the last nine years will finally pay off. Something good is bound to happen! Any unresolved issues you may have from your past, this is the cycle to work on forgiveness and letting it go. Sara Gilbert is in the 9 cycle, and how perfect is it that she just got engaged? Talk about getting ready for a wonderful new beginning!

I did the formula Glynis gave us at the beginning to figure out what personal cycle I am in, only to discover I’m in Personal Cycle 7. What Personal Cycle are you in? Leave it in the comments below.

BlogTalkRadio-Law of Attraction in Action Ep. 3

Today’s show is with my special guest Janette Dalgliesh who is a successful Law of Attraction Coach – who specializes in reconnecting people with the power to create, numerology & LOA mixed together, with a hint of astrology. We will also touch on “stuck emotions”.

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Janette Dalgliesh
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Ask Dr. Berman: How Can I Ask for What I Want In the Bedroom?

When you feel unfulfilled behind closed doors it can be difficult to speak up and tell your partner the truth.

couple discussing their sexual desires

Q: My partner is well-meaning, but he doesn’t know how to please me in the bedroom. How can I tell him what I want without offending him?

A: Many women struggle with asking their partners for what they want in the bedroom. Part of the problem is that women are used to being people-pleasers, even when it comes to sex. They shy away from owning their own pleasure and voicing their own needs, even though this cheats them out of enjoying sexual release and damages their relationships. Believe it or not, most men say their number-one sexual priority is making sure their partner is satisfied. Yep, his biggest turn-on is knowing that he is turning you on, so it’s great that you are stepping up to the plate and looking for ways to help him do that.

First, make sure that you never, ever, fake orgasm. Not only are you cheating yourself out of pleasure and denying your own sexual needs, but you are also being dishonest with your partner. Though your intentions are good, deception and dishonesty have no role in a healthy relationship, especially when it comes to the bedroom. As I mentioned earlier, your partner wants to please you and when you deny him the right to do so, you chip away at the essential bond between the two of you.

Additionally, since your needs are not being met, you will find yourself more tense and irritable with him. Indeed, it is not uncommon for a woman to quietly resent her partner for not fulfilling her, even though she is doing everything in her power to convince him that she is fulfilled. Talk about a vicious cycle! This is why lies (even the “little white ones”) have no place in your relationship.

Skip all that deception and get right to the heart of the issue. Do so tactfully and subtly. For example, if you are watching a movie and you see a sultry sex scene that gets your heart racing, why not lean over to your partner and say, “I’d love to try that position with you tonight.” Or, if you are thumbing through a women’s magazine and see an article on sex tips that catches your eye, clip it out for him to read with a note that says, “Hope you are ready for this later!”

Next, you might try a hands-on approach…literally! When you are in the middle of a hot-and-heavy encounter and he seems to be missing your hot spots, pull back and say “I want to give you a sexy show.” Then, self-stimulate, being very careful to show him just how you like to be touched down there. Or, you might initiate a 69 session in which you tell him to imitate the licks and strokes you use on him. That way, you will both be receiving pleasure and he will be able to follow your lead.

You can also create a “fantasy box,” in which you each write down naughty and sexy fantasies. Slip them in the box and whenever things get humdrum, reach in and grab one of the slips of paper. Act it out to the best of your ability and bring your naughtiest desires to life!

Most importantly, just make sure that you are upfront and honest when trying to communicate your needs. Your partner wants to please you…help him out already!

Dr. Laura Berman

This is a topic that hits home to thousands of people across the nation, I being one of them and I felt compelled to post this article by well known sex therapist/counselor Dr. Laura Berman.

Do you have this problem, and if so what have you done about it?

– Jennifer Martin


When is the best time to have sex? Most couples tend to think of nighttime, but you might be surprised to learn that there is even a more appropriate time to get busy.



Does your sex life need a wake-up call? If you and your sweetie are finding that daily stresses are taking their toll, morning sex may be just the answer you’re looking for.

You’re more rested and recharged after a night of sleep, and the two of you have been spending quality time lying next to each other all night long. The groundwork for intimacy has been laid, not to mention that you’re already in the right location. All you need to do is make that first move!

Another perk of sex in the a.m. is the effect of higher testosterone levels — they’re at their peak first thing in the morning. Remember, testosterone is fuel for the libido and improves genital sensation. Morning sex not only feels better, but the resulting endorphin high can put a smile on your face that lasts the rest of the day. So wake up and make a move in the morning!

Flirting in the A.M. and Beyond

Switching up your sexual routine might get you thinking about your partner in a whole new light. Flirting is oft-neglected in long-term relationships yet is a crucial part of staying sexually connected. Awakening your partner with a good-morning kiss is flirtatious, but when you turn that good morning kiss into good morning oral, you have definitely taken things to the next level. Consider other flirting tips:

Let your partner know you want her, such as by sending her a sexy text during the day. Make it as sweet or as naughty as you want, just remember to make your desire for her clear. Nothing is sexier than knowing that your partner wants you. Keep this sexual energy flowing by exchanging perfunctory pecks for deep, sensual kisses, and stay connected physically by touching her more often. Hold hands, make-out in the back of the movie theater, snuggle together on the couch as you watch television, and make time in the morning for some a.m. action.

Treat each other like lovers, not roommates. After years of living together, it’s easy to slip into a habit of wearing old sweatpants, letting your grooming slip, or even forgetting to shut the bathroom door. This can really wreak havoc on your relationship. Not only will you not feel sexy and desirable, but your partner won’t feel that you are sexually interested in him and his sexual self-esteem can suffer as a result. It’s important to treat each other as lovers, and not slip into a platonic roommate routine.

Get ready for date night. Ask your babysitter to come over an hour before you actually have to leave the house. This will give you time to get ready a leisurely pace and relax before the date. Take some time for yourself and maybe even take a hot bath. Get sexy energy flowing by reading a chapter or two of an erotic romance novel while you are in the tub, or just wear that sexy bra and panty set you have been saving for a special occasion.

What are you waiting for? Get your flirt on!

Jumpstart Your Day With Morning Sex


A good kiss can make all your nerve endings tingle or may open the door to lasting love. We often use a kiss to gauge the potential for a bed mate, or a life mate.

What’s in a Kiss?
It’s a way of testing the waters, sampling the goods — before you commit.

It all starts with a kiss. Whether long and sensual or short and sweet, a kiss is the ultimate form of sensual expression.  If done right, a kiss can light the flames of passion; if done wrong, it can bring adelicious infatuation to a less-than-rousing end. A kiss is the doorway to what comes next.

Many women will tell you that a kiss is the ultimate deal-breaker. A good kiss is both a matter of personal style athe undetectable chemicals of attraction that work through our sense of smell. The kiss delivers us to the most primal parts of our minds, which may be why there is so much potential for satisfaction and disappointment. nd what feels right for the moment. But what is it about a smooch that can send you to the stars or smack you right back down to earth?
A kiss puts you in close proximity with a partner’s skin and scent. Skin is the delivery site for pheromones —
For many, kissing is one of few sexual acts they’ve engaged in with a wide range of people. Again, since a kiss can make or break an attraction, it is often the case that we end up kissing far more people than we bed. It’s the supreme technique of sampling the goods with little emotional or physical investment.
So just how much experience are most of us getting? A nationwide survey conducted by Close-Up toothpaste got up close and personal with 2,200 men and women to shed some light on our modern kissing habits. It seems that men and women are definitely getting their practice in: The average woman kisses 17.5 men before she settles down and the average man kisses 24 prospects before he locks lips forever. Women rh for introducing it to us. The term actually entered the English language in 1923, in honor of the très   passionate country. I suspect the French kiss was around long before anything — or anyone — French.

The study also considered geographic differences in kissing trends. Evidently the best place to live if you are an active kisser is in the Northwest, where people exchange more kisses per day (5.5) than anywhere else in the country.  The Northeasterners are the most confident in their kissing abilities.  Wondering about the Midwest?  It seems they’re the most honest in relationships.  They’re more likely than any other region to confess to a partner after making out with someone else — not to mention that they’re late bloomers. Compared to the rest of the nation, the first kiss of a Midwesterner comes somewhere between 16 and 18 years old, about five years later than the smoochers in Hawaii.  So if you want a good kiss-filled vacation, you know where to go — but don’t forget to brush your teeth!

Source: Dr. Laura Berman

A Kiss Can Be Bliss