Choose to Be Cherished

Choose to Be Cherished

Everybody wants to know that they are someone worth loving. It’s a universal need to be cherished by another. In fact, it’s even part of traditional wedding vows.

But too often in life I see people who don’t demonstrate that they love anything about their partner. This isn’t okay. There’s much about each of us to be valued and loved. And we should expect that from our partner. We all deserve to be with someone who sees us as worthwhile and expresses that to us.

We all have something worth loving. The challenge is finding the right partner who recognizes this and let’s us know it. Don’t settle for less.

N need to be loved by someone who chooses to love me.  Who sees in me something worth loving

N need to be loved by someone who chooses to love me. Who sees in me something worth loving

The Health Connection-Knowing Your True Self

The Health Connection on BlogTalkRadio

The Health Connection on BlogTalkRadio

There was a funny blunder in this episode. Then within seconds of my show finishing here in California we had an earthquake. My computer desk was swaying, lights were moving, my daughters bed was moving. Maybe I just had a very strong blogtalkradio show that shook the earth? Lol I hope you enjoy the show.

Here is the information from Janette from tonight’s show:

Here is the information from Janette Dalgliesh per last night’s radio show:

Kim Falconer – my favorite LOA-astrologer by a long shot – has her blog at (and yes, she’s also a successful SF author who writes fabulous books rich in LOA!). For anyone seeking a reading with Kim, the info is at

Eve Gregory – does work around connecting with inner guidance –

For numerology I’d recommend a reading with Janette!


Meditate and cleanse your mind

Meditate and cleanse your mind

The ancient mind-body practice of meditation, found in cultures and spiritual traditions throughout the world, is valued for helping one develop mindfulness – a heightened sense of awareness that brings calm and clarity, along with loads of health benefits, including reducing stress.

Today, almost everyone is stressed out at some level. Stress causes blood pressure to rise and hormones, such as adrenalin and cortisol, to elevate and wreak havoc on the body. Too much stress has been linked to heart disease, compromised immunity, infection and many types of cancer.

Best-selling author and meditation guru, Deepak Chopra, MD, has developed a meditation cleanse to help detoxify your life from stress in just 21 days.

You may be wondering, how is that possible? Meditation means to quiet your mind. And when your mind quiets, your body (including the brain) quiets – allowing self-repair. New research shows that it only takes 3 weeks to create a new neural network in your brain to help regulate stress. Deepak Chopra’s cleanse focuses on healing four areas of life where we seek fulfillment and often experience stress:
Love and relationships
Higher consciousness
Health and well being
Get ready to meditate your way to better health in just 21 days.

Nourish Your Heart
Love is one of the primary areas of life where we seek fulfillment. Love makes us feel safe and secure. What’s more, science shows that love is healthy. It positively impacts the limbic system – the brain’s emotional center – helping to restore balance in the body and aid self-repair.

To develop healthy, loving relationships with others, you need to practice and master self-love first. Meditate on the idea of nourishing your heart with love, compassion and empathy. The notion that love heals is not a myth.

Nourish Your Mind
Meditation can help provide knowledge and clarity. As goal-seeking organisms, most of us want to be “successful,” but we often think in terms of a limited definition of success, such as fame or fortune. Meditation can help you tap into your creativity, insights, imagination, inspiration and intuition. This allows you to examine different choices as well as develop self-confidence to embark on your own personal journey toward success.

Nourish Your Spirit
By meditating daily, you’ll connect to the spiritual and mysterious aspects of existence. Meditation allows you to open yourself up and ponder profound ideas that may weigh on you and cause stress. It allows you to develop a higher consciousness so that you can contemplate fundamental and profound questions such as: What is the meaning of our existence? What is the meaning of death? Is there a higher power? Is there a part of us that is immortal? And so forth.

Nourish Your Body
To prepare for the practice of daily meditation and eliminate stress, you must nourish your body properly. According to Deepak Chopra, food allows your body to be joyful and energetic, while also allowing your mind to be restful and alert. By eating a healthy, balanced diet, you can develop greater purity, energy and balance in your mind-body connection. To nourish your body, follow Deepak Chopra’s 3 rules.

Rule #1: Eliminate the F.L.U.N.C. in Your Diet:

F = Frozen foods
L= Leftover foods
U = Unnatural
N= Nuked
C – Canned

Deepak Chopra regards frozen, leftover, unnatural, nuked and canned foods as “dead” since these preparations kill the nucleus of the cells in the food itself. Try to always eat fresh foods since they are “alive” and full of more prana, the Sanskrit word for “life force.” Make a habit of eating mainly a plant-based diet. Eat high-quality meat, chicken, fish and dairy in moderation. Whenever possible, choose organic foods.

Rule #2: Include 6 Tastes in Every Meal
Always incorporate six tastes – astringent, bitter, pungent, salty, sour, sweet – into every meal. This practice is part of ayurveda, the ancient medical system of India, Deepak Chopra’s country of origin. (“Ayu” means life and “veda” means knowledge, so ayurveda is the science of life.) By incorporating all six tastes, you’ll get all the nutrients your body needs and lessen your cravings for junk foods.
Astringent foods absorb water and tighten tissues. They include lentils, beans, green apples, grape skins, cauliflower, pomegranates and tea.
Bitter foods are loaded with natural phytochemicals that have anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and disease-preventing healing properties. They include green, leafy vegetables, kale, celery, broccoli, sprouts and beets.
Pungent foods stimulate digestion and metabolism. They also contain natural antioxidants and infection-fighting chemicals. These include peppers, chilies, onions, garlic, cayenne, curry, turmeric, black pepper, cloves, ginger and mustard.
Salty foods help stimulate digestion. They include table salt, soy sauce, salted meats and fish. (Avoid too much salt since it can lead to high blood pressure and fluid retention. Limit salt to 1 teaspoon per day.)
Sour foods slow the emptying of your stomach, reducing the insulin-stimulating affect of carbohydrates. They include citrus fruits, berries, tomatoes, pickled foods, and vinegar.
Sweet foods build tissues and calm nerves. They include whole grains, starchy vegetables, dairy, meat, chicken, fish, honey and molasses. Remember, sweet should not mean refined sugar or empty carbs.
Rule #3: Find Moderation in Your Hands
Many Americans have a distorted sense of portion size and consume way more calories than they need. To figure out your ideal portion based on your body size, cup your hands together with your fingertips touching to form a bowl. The recommended amount of food to eat at a meal is the equivalent of 2 of these handfuls.

Ready, Set, Meditate!
This daily meditation recommended by Deepak Chopra focuses on reflection and intention. It can provide healing in all or any of the 4 areas of life (health and well-being, love and relationships, success, and higher consciousness) that may be causing you stress.

Get started:

Get in a Comfortable Position
To begin meditating, get in a comfortable position on the floor with your legs crossed or sit in a chair. (If you are ill or need to lie down that’s fine, although sitting is preferred.) Relax your hands on your lap, with palms up or any way that you feel most open.

Close Your Eyes, Focus on your Breath
Close your eyes and bring your awareness to your breath. Thoughts will inevitably drift in and dance around your mind, but that’s okay. Just let them be. If you find yourself thinking about what’s passing through your mind, just return to focusing your awareness on your breath, and you will soon slip into the space between your thoughts. In an unforced natural rhythm, allow your breath to flow in and out, easily and effortlessly.

Now focus your attention toward the area of your heart. Ask yourself silently, what is my highest vision for my health and well being? Allow any sensations, images, feelings or thoughts to spontaneously emerge.

Second, ask yourself what is my highest vision for love and relationships in my life? Again, you don’t need to seek the answers. They’re there. Let them emerge as sensations, images, feelings and thoughts.

Third, ask what is my highest vision for the realization of my goals for success in life? Allow thoughts, sensations and images to come from the deepest part of you.

Lastly, ask, how do I get in touch with my higher self – my spirit? Allow thoughts feelings, sensations to emerge.

Close With “Om Bhvam Namah”
After your reflections, say, “Om bhavam namah,” which translates roughly as “I am absolute existence; I am a field of infinite possibilities.” Repeat this phrase mentally a few times while your eyes are still closed. Then let go and ease yourself out of the meditation. Engage in this meditation every day for 21 days to help make it an enduring habit that you can practice for life.

Want to continue your meditation practice? You can own your own 21-Day mediation series with Oprah and Deepak as your guides. Get more information here.

Deepak Chopra’s Meditation Cleanse: Detox From Stress in 21 Days

Numerology & Personal Year Cycles

Glynis McCants is a celebrity numerologist and she returns to “The Talk” to discuss Personal Year Cycles. These numbers reveal a great deal about what a person is going through or will go though in 2013 and are derived using birth dates. Glynis has been studying numerology for over 21 years and is the author of the books “Love by the Numbers” and “Glynis Has Your Number.”

What is a Personal Year Cycle?

When it comes to Personal Year Cycles there are nine of them, and each year we shift into a new one. Depending on what Personal Year Cycle you have entered, you can get some insight on what to focus on throughout the year to be more successful. To find your own cycle, you have to add your month and day you were born with the current World number (2013) and then reduce those numbers to a single digit.

For example, Beyonce was born on September 4th. Here’s the breakdown:


9+4+2+0+1+3 = 19



Beyonce is in a 1 Personal Year Cycle.

Personal Year Cycle 1: Take control of your life.

If you are in a Personal Year Cycle 1 like Beyonce, it is all about taking control of your life. You really can’t beat her as the example. She started this year performing at the Presidential Inauguration. She then was picked to perform the halftime show for the Super Bowl, and also performed at this year’s Grammys. The spotlight has been on her all year, and that is exactly what someone in this cycle desires. The Cycle of 1 is a time to ask yourself “What steps can I take to be #1 in my life?” And Beyonce is clearly living it!!

Personal Year Cycle 2: Deal with deep emotions.

The Personal Year Cycle of 2 is about your deep emotions and love relationships. Look at Kate Hudson – She’s ready to get married to the father of her child. Love has a huge influence in this cycle, and she’s glowing because of it. Doesn’t she look better than ever? This is a year to welcome a loving relationship or work on improving the one you have. If you are thinking of getting married, this is a great year to do so. You also need to really trust your intuition because it is particularly strong in this cycle of 2 and will not fail you! It is a year to get in touch with your deepest emotions.

Personal Year Cycle 3: Communicate and express yourself.

The Personal Year Cycle of 3 is all about communicating and expressing yourself. You’re going to speak up a lot more than usual, even if you are typically a shy person. Madonna is currently in the Personal Year Cycle of 3, and as we know she is always outspoken, but particularly so this year regarding gay marriage.

Personal Year Cycle 4: Expand mind with new information.

The Personal Year Cycle of 4 is all about learning something new and expanding your knowledge! You are at a place where you want to have a deeper understanding. One way or another you will learn in this cycle. It’s best to just embrace the need for it, or else you risk learning the hard way. Julie Chen is in this cycle and you can bet she is also looking to learn something new! A woman like Julie embraces the education that comes her way. One more thing: This personal cycle encourages you to be very honest. Watch out for being too blunt and getting into a verbal conflict that you really do not want to be in.

Personal Year Cycle 5: Embrace freedom.

The Personal Year Cycle of 5 is about embracing freedom. It’s not a good time to make a big commitment, but it can be a great time for a trip or some other kind of fun adventure. Do what you can to prevent any unnecessary drama in your life! Simon Cowell is in this cycle and look at his life recently; He has plenty of drama with his show “The X Factor,” and has been constantly recasting it. As you know, Simon also broke up not too long ago with girlfriend Carmen Electra.

The cycle of 5 can make you feel like your life is too chaotic. Take a deep breath; you are going to be okay. Just pay close attention to all the details. Don’t leave anything to chance! This is not a year to start a new relationship, quit a job, or move away. You should take a trip if you can, and be sure to do things for yourself that make you feel pampered during this nonstop cycle.

Personal Year Cycle 6: Celebrate new opportunities.

The Personal year of 6 is a time to focus on family and embrace new opportunities. Contracts may definitely come your way in the Cycle of 6 so be sure to read the fine print and know exactly what you’re signing. Aisha Tyler is in a Personal Year of 6. As far as contracts go, I think it’s pretty exciting Aisha got a guest role on “Hawaii 5-0” and a hosting job on the new “Whose Line is It Anyway?” How perfect for that to happen in her Personal Year of 6! In this cycle, you should also take a look at your surroundings. Is there a way you could improve your home? It could be as simple as putting a fresh coat of paint on your walls, or buying fresh flowers to put on your coffee table. These little touches make a big difference in the cycle of 6. If you are considering getting pregnant, this cycle is a GREAT time for that too!

Personal Year Cycle 7: Seek true meaning of life.

The Personal Year Cycle of 7 is a time to seek the true meaning of your life. If you are normally very social, don’t be surprised you are not feeling that way this year. The 7 cycle encourages you to seek truth and meaning in your life. This is also a time to work on your spirituality. Sharon Osbourne is in this cycle right now. Here you can find the answers to who you really are, and what matters to you most. It is also a time to commune with nature. The ocean, mountains, plants and flowers will hold a deeper meaning for you during this time. Like the 2 cycle, be sure to trust your intuition. The most powerful answers will come from within.

Personal Year Cycle 8: Focus on health and finance.

The Personal Year Cycle of 8 is all about improving your physical health and finances. Sheryl Underwood is in this cycle. I hear she is working on her fitness goals this year which is PERFECT at this time. A word of caution – if you have any aches or pains, don’t ignore them in this cycle. For example: lower back pain. If your back hurts, go see a chiropractor. Don’t wait for your back to go completely out. This is a year that is all about improving your relationship with money too. Whether you learn how to invest, start your own company, or move up the ladder at the job you are already have, it will be a year focused on increasing your abundance. Taking advice is difficult to do during this 8 Personal Year Cycle, so try to be more open to what people have to say. You will benefit from it. I promise!

Personal Year Cycle 9: Prepare for new beginnings.

The Personal Year Cycle of 9 is a time to clear your space for NEW BEGINNINGS. Throw out anything that you do not use or need. Everything you have worked hard for in the last nine years will finally pay off. Something good is bound to happen! Any unresolved issues you may have from your past, this is the cycle to work on forgiveness and letting it go. Sara Gilbert is in the 9 cycle, and how perfect is it that she just got engaged? Talk about getting ready for a wonderful new beginning!

I did the formula Glynis gave us at the beginning to figure out what personal cycle I am in, only to discover I’m in Personal Cycle 7. What Personal Cycle are you in? Leave it in the comments below.

This is a must read….uplifting

This goes out to every person on this planet. No matter who you are, we all need to feel loved, wanted, respected, appreciated, accepted, cared for and most importantly needed.

This is a must read…I promise it will help your day be a little better. Click on link below and I hope it brightens your day even more than it already is. Because you are loved.

The Health Connection-Power to Create

If you missed last night’s The Health Connection on #blogtalkradio you can listen here:–power-to-create-ep-3

Talking Law of Attraction+Astrology+Numerology with Janette Dalgliesh, Law of Attraction Coach and Author.

Awaken your Mind: Law of Attraction/Law of Vibration


Law of Vibration – The Key to Understanding the Law of Attraction

April 23, 2013

Of all the universal laws, the law of attraction is both the most fascinating and the most misunderstood. Fascinating, because as humans we naturally want a tool to help create the life of our dreams, and the law of attraction can certainly help us to do that. Misunderstood because, unlike a tool that we can pull out and use now and again but is otherwise inactive, the law of attraction is operating in our lives constantly and independently, whether we are consciously aware of it, or believe in it, or not.

If you’re not creating the kind of life you want though, chances are you are creating by default, allowing the law of attraction to bring you more and more of the same. Unfortunately, we weren’t handed a life manual at birth and, for many of us, our parents were not aware of the law of attraction and so did not teach us. At Attract Like Magic we are dedicated to helping you understand this powerful universal law and how you can begin to use the law of attraction to consciously create the life of your dreams. On the Attract Like Magic site, and in upcoming newsletters and articles, we will explore everything to do with the law of attraction and provide tools that will help you to harness its power.

But in order to really understand the law of attraction, you first need to understand another of the universal laws, the law of vibration.

Law of Vibration

According to the law of vibration everything is made of energy and has a distinct frequency or vibration. With the advent of powerful enough technology, science now agrees. Quantum physicists have shown that, although matter may appear to be solid, when you look at it through a high-powered microscope so that it is broken down into its smallest components: molecules, atoms, neutrons, electrons and quanta (the smallest particles measurable), it is ultimately mostly empty space interspersed with energy.

In other words, at the quantum level, everything is comprised of energy and empty space and what makes you, your home, your car, the chair you’re sitting in, seem solid is the frequency of the vibration of the energy that makes it up.

Not only does your body and all that you consider to be “you” have a distinct and unique vibration (or more correctly a mix of vibrations), but your creations, in the form of thoughts, also have distinct vibrations which affect or blend with your overall vibration.

In turn, your vibrations affect everything around you – your environment, the people and animals around you, the inanimate objects, even the seemingly ‘empty’ space and they, in turn, affect you. That’s why, when you walk into a room where there was an earlier argument, you can sense it. We even use terms like “bad vibes”, “you can feel the tension”, and “you could cut the air in here with a knife” to describe it. In each case what we are referring to is the energy imprint of the earlier occupants.

Similarly, you may have gone to someone’s home, office or business where, as soon as you entered, you felt the “good vibes” that filled the place. That’s because, over time, a place becomes imbued with the energy imprints of the dominant vibrations of the people who live or work there. So a home, for example, can literally become filled with love or tension or anger or sadness or any other emotion, and that home will feel that way to a visitor even if none of the regular occupants are at home at the time. If you’ve ever entered such a place you may even have noticed how you just relaxed and felt good in response to the “good vibes” around you. Of course, the extent to which you take on the vibrations of the people and things around you is up to you – but for most people, this is not a conscious decision.

So, you are giving off vibrations every second of every day. You are also simultaneously receiving and translating the vibrations of everything and everyone around you. If we use the analogy of television, you are both a television transmitter, beaming out your own unique station, and also a television set or receiver, able to tune in to all the stations or frequencies being broadcast around you. Sometimes we refer to these incoming vibrations as intuition or “gut feelings”.

So how do you know what your vibration is at any moment?

Simple – ask yourself how you are feeling.

Your emotions are a quick and handy guide to your vibration in any moment. If you feel loving, you are vibrating at the frequency of love; if you feel angry, you are vibrating at the frequency of anger; if you feel curious, you are vibrating at the frequency of curiosity, and those vibrations are received by everything and everyone around you. You are also, through the law of attraction, bringing to you more experiences that will match this vibration so when you feel angry the law of attraction will bring to you more experiences that will elicit the feeling of anger, you will attract angry people and find yourself in the middle of angry situations.

Have you ever had a day where you felt lousy, but tried to pretend that everything was OK to family, friends or co-workers? It doesn’t work does it? Your friends, family or co-workers know straight away that you are not how you are pretending to be. They may ask if something is wrong, or comment that you don’t seem to be your normal self. They pick up on the incongruence between what you are saying and your vibration. Because we are not used to explaining in terms of vibrations, they may attribute their knowing to something more mundane like tone of voice or body language, but even people without the full use of their senses can detect this type of incongruence.

To sum up, you are sending out vibrations every moment of every day. Those vibrations are a mix of your thoughts and feelings and they affect everything around you. At the same time you are also receiving and translating the vibrations of everything around you (which can, in turn, affect your vibration by how you react to them). Now that we understand vibration, let’s look at how it interacts with the law of attraction.

Law of Attraction

The law of attraction, simply put, means energy attracts like energy. You may also have heard it expressed as “like attracts like’, “that which is like unto itself is drawn” and even “thoughts become things”.

The law of attraction is at work in your life every minute of every day. Your vibrations are constantly being broadcast to, and received, by the universe. This activates the law of attraction which then matches your vibrations and attracts to you similar vibrations in the form of people, things and situations in your life. In other words you are always creating your life through your thoughts and feelings. The conditions in your life, whether they are what you want or not, are always a match to your dominant vibrations.

The law of attraction, like all the universal laws, operates whether you are aware of it or not, or believe it or not. The often-used terms “what you focus on grows”, “careful what you wish for (cause you just might get it)”, “birds of a feather flock together” and “you can’t get enough of what you don’t want” are all examples of ways that we describe the law of attraction in action.

So, the question becomes – if your life is not how you would wish it to be, how do you change it? And the answer most often given by law of attraction and personal development teachers is a simple one – change your thoughts.

Simple – yes, but not easy. Here’s why.

Somewhere between 94 – 98% of all thoughts are subconscious, that is, below or out of conscious awareness which means that only 2 – 6% of your thoughts are ever conscious. So, even if you managed to change all of your conscious thoughts to be positive, that still leaves an awful lot of subconscious thought, at least some of which would be negative, vibrating away in the background without you even being aware of it! If you’re having trouble creating what you want in life, chances are your subconscious mind is at fault.


BlogTalkRadio-Law of Attraction in Action Ep. 3

Today’s show is with my special guest Janette Dalgliesh who is a successful Law of Attraction Coach – who specializes in reconnecting people with the power to create, numerology & LOA mixed together, with a hint of astrology. We will also touch on “stuck emotions”.

For more information on Janette please visit:

Janette Dalgliesh
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