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Live BlogTalkRadio Show today-Law of Attraction in Action

Today at 3:30 PST I will be doing a live BlogTalkRadio Show talking about Law of Attraction in Action and what is the connection to our overall health.

You are able to call in and listen to the show live, ask questions or just click on the link and listen through your computer.


I hope you’re able to join us.




It’s been so long, Jen, I’m quite sure you’ve forgotten our secret handshake, haven’t you?


How about our code for saying, “I love you”?


Then I doubt you’ll recall my solemn promise to let you know once you began approaching exactly the right time and exactly the right place, with enough life lessons under your belt to enable you to finally stop struggling, start soaring, and begin living the life of your wildest dreams?

Well, if not, the following might not make much sense:

“You’re getting hot! Steaming hot! Really HOT!! Ouch, you’re so hot! Smoking, red-hot-chili-pepper, volcano, extremely, DOUBLE-HOT! HOT! HOT! NOW, Jen, NOW-W-W-W-W-W-W!”

I $l%o^v1e you,
The Universe

Side noteI started reading The Power by Rhonda Byrne two days ago and then I get this in my email this morning.  It’s a sign I am doing something right! 

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