Uh-oh, it’s that time of the month again.


Are you tired of dreading that time of the month? Read on for another take on that rough period and some facts you might not know.

Don’t Let Cramps Cramp Your Style

Cramps may be an unfortunate reality during your period, but you can cut your suffering in half by avoiding rich foods and drinking water. Popping ibuprofen can help, as can taking an antidiarrheal drug. Heating pads are also useful, and some women swear that orgasms help to relieve cramps as well.

You Are Most Fertile During Ovulation

Most women ovulate between days 11 and 21 of their cycles, and this is the time when a woman is most fertile and likely to become pregnant. However, don’t assume that you can skip condoms before or after then or when you are having your period. There are no guarantees in life, especially when it comes to Mother Nature.

Pheromones Might Make You Feel More Attractive

Pheromones are mysterious chemicals that moderate our behavior and send out subconscious cues to those around us. During your period, you might release pheromones that make you more attractive to mates. Yes, your period can actually help you land that big date! And some researchers believe that pheromones are the motivation behind menstrual synchrony (a rare phenomenon in which women who spend a lot of time together have their periods at the same time).

In the US, Feminine Protection Has Never Been Better

There are a number of different forms of protection, and thankfully, things have evolved since the days of uncomfortable menstrual belts. Tampons and pads are now light, comfortable, and safe, and that makes enduring that time of the month that much simpler. However, in other parts of the world, women are not so lucky — in some countries, feminine protection is so scarce that young women have to stay home from school or work when they are menstruating.

Your Vagina Is Self-Cleaning. Don’t Douche!

Menstruation is often misunderstood. Many people think that blood from their periods is “gross” or “dirty,” and that a woman isn’t clean while she is menstruating. No wonder so many women go to great lengths to douche during or following their period. However, douching can be quite problematic because it strips the vagina of good bacteria and throws off its delicate pH balance. Resist the urge to douche and just rinse yourself with warm water — remember, your vagina isn’t dirty and neither is your period!

It’s Easy to Avoid Toxic Shock Syndrome

Many women are paranoid about toxic shock syndrome and with good reason. The warnings on the back of the tampon box can be quite scary; however, you don’t have to lose too much sleep over this threat. As long as you change your tampon regularly, you shouldn’t have any issues. Also, stick to using only the lightest tampon size necessary. In addition, you can lessen your risk of toxic shock even more by alternating between tampons and pads.

Girls Are Reaching Puberty Sooner

Girls are having their first periods at a younger age than ever before. Some believe this is because rates of obesity are increasing, while others believe that the hormones in milk and other dairy products are hastening menarche (the term for when a girl gets her first period). Whatever the reason, it is an important sign that we need to start sex education at a younger age for both boys and girls so that they are not frightened or confused when they reach puberty.

Make Friends With Mother Nature

Lastly, it’s important to remember that your period doesn’t have to be a painful or arduous affair. As long as you are knowledgeable and well-informed, you can weather anything that Mother Nature throws at you!

Source: Dr. Laura Berman

Your Menstrual Survival Guide

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