Women in Red Are Irresistible to Men

A new study shows that women who wear red are wooed more often and treated to more expensive dates.

Ladies, do you want to know how to be irresistible to the opposite sex?

Forget expensive salon blowouts and designer handbags. All you need is a bright pop of color…namely, red. A recent study from the University of Rochester in New York found that men are more likely to view women in red as sexually available. And, because love is a game of chance and no one likes to be rejected, men are more likely to approach women who they read as available. Hence, ladies in red probably get asked out a lot more than ladies in any other hue. Another kicker: The men in this study also said they would spend more money on a date if the woman was wearing red. Yes, it might sound silly, but he is more likely to invest in someone he might have sex with than someone he won’t. Yet, remember, this thought process isn’t necessarily conscious: Men are biologically programmed to seek mates who are fertile, available, and likely to further their bloodline.

The color red signals fertility, so that might be why it puts him in a tizzy without him even realizing it. And the color red appeals not just to humans: When female baboons are ready for action, their bottoms actually redden to signal their availability to male baboons. So, just as animals in the wild put on different colors and displays to attract a mate, so do humans. We just do it with the help of Bloomingdale’s!

So what else can a lady do if she wants to ace the first date? Consider the following wacky-but-true findings that researchers have made over the years: Skip the Chanel. If you want to pique your guy’s interest, look no further than simple, classic scents like pumpkin pie. Sounds odd, but pumpkin pie was actually rated the most sexually stimulating scent in a study led by Alan Hirsch at the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago. Lavender was also a top favorite. Who knew that your grandma’s favorite scent would be a timeless way to attract men? Body language tells all.

Numerous studies have been performed on body language over the years, and there is one thing each study agrees on…what we don’t say says a lot! Unspoken gestures and unintentional “tells” convey a great deal about what is going on inside our minds and hearts.

The best way to show your date that you are interested is to refrain from crossing your arms across your chest and by maintaining eye contact (even if you are nervous). Lightly stroking your collarbone or playing with your necklace will direct his eyes to your assets. And don’t forget the power of a hair toss! Men can play, too: And, guys, if you want to read if a woman is interested, check out her eyes. A woman’s eyes dilate when she sees something she desires, so look for a large pupil to see if she has something naughty on her mind. (The pupil is the dark center of the iris.)

Last but not least, don’t think you have to starve yourself before your date to make a good impression. A recent survey from the dating site Yangutu found that men actually prefer women who have healthy, curvy frames. According to their findings, 78% of men prefer women with hourglass figures, while another 17% of men are attracted to women who are of average weight. So curves are in and pumpkin pie is a sexy scent — now get ready to enjoy dessert!

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